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American Farriers Journal Introduces the All-New Historical Hall of Fame Exhibit to be Featured at the 2020 International Hoof-Care Summit

At this year’s Summit, taking place in Cincinnati on January 21-24, 2020, attendees will be able to take a walk through the Historical Hall of Fame Exhibit for Horseshoeing and Equine Veterinarians. The all-new exhibit, sponsored by Well-Shod, will feature photos and biographies of each of the 147 Hall of Fame farriers and 59 Hall of Fame equine veterinarians.

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An Important Part Of A Fine Shoeing Job

I just returned from Kentucky while attending the World Horseshoeing Classic at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School. Congratulations to Team Great Britain for coming from behind and winning the Classic. We have an article coming in the April issue about this year’s competition.
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Six Honored For Lifetime Contributions To Hoof Care

Three farriers and three veterinarians are inducted into Halls Of Fame for their life-long achievements in the footcare field at the International Hoof-Care Summit
Three farriers and three veterinarians were honored for their outstanding careers in equine footcare during Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies at the 13th annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Missouri Farrier Offers Practical Shoeing Tips

Chris Gregory certainly knows how to pack-em in. About 120 farriers from around the country packed Centaur Forge in Burlington, Wis., on Saturday for the Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center clinician's presentation on practical shoeing techniques for laminitic horses.
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International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame Inducts Oklahoma Farrier Mark Milster

Lameness will likely be a problem for all horse owners at some point. It is a sign that a horse has an injury that causes pain when it moves or places weight on the affected leg. If the cause of lameness is apparent, you may be able to administer first aid. If not, confine the horse to prevent further damage to the leg and call the veterinarian if mild lameness persists. Horses with severe lameness need prompt veterinary attention, as they are usually experiencing significant pain.
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Preserving Footcare Legacies

As we noted here, long-time AFJ Managing Editor Pat Tearney retired at the end of 2013. While cleaning out his office, I came across dozens of bins and folders of farrier images, all of them predating the very comfortable and convenient age of digital images.

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Farrier Quick Takes

[Video] Friesians And Uncooperative Horses

Hall Of Fame farrier Mike Wildenstein shares some advice and ideas about working with Friesians and other big horses during a clinic at Centaur Forge in Burlington, Wis. Watch through to the end to get some excellent advice on trimming and shoeing a horse that isn't being cooperative.
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