Gastric equine ulcers is a major health epidemic. It ranks second in the world as the most common health problem with horses. Estimates are that 80% of racehorses and 56% of non-racehorses have gastric ulcers. Yes, stomach ulcers in horses can be prevented and easily treated.

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A well-studied health condition in horses is gastric ulcers. The presence of these ulcers is associated with poor hoof condition, irritability and poor performance. Treatment options such as reducing stomach acid production is expensive and can disrupt the normal digestive process by not allowing the food to begin its initial breakdown as nature intended.

A less expensive and more effective treatment is to give horses a nutritional supplement of premium lecithin containing apple pectins. The phospholipid rich lecithin strengthens the epithelial lining of the stomach treating and preventing gastric ulcers and allows for the proper absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. This can significantly improve the hoof condition and lessen irritability, especially when transporting these animals. The apple pectins blended in with the premium lecithin help to buffer the stomach lining and slow the digestive process. Pectins are also prebiotic in that they support beneficial microflora in the gastro-intestinal tract.

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Lecithin/apple pectin blends have proven to be a valuable natural supplement for horses to treat and prevent gastric ulcers. Lecithin/apple pectin granules can be added quickly and easily to a horse’s daily feed ration or to almost any homemade horse treat recipe. Ulcer management using lecithin/apple pectin granules with feedings or after training can help protect and strengthen the stomach from the damaging effects of excess acid which is a natural occurrence in horses. They also strengthen the epithelial cells that line the entire gastro-intestinal tract so that acid-blocking products can be gradually reduced and eventually eliminated.

For convenience, premixed premium U.S.A. manufactured lecithin/apple pectin granules are now available. Best to avoid China produced lecithin and pectins. For more informative articles and information on gastric equine ulcers or hoof care, please visit SBS Equine.