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Poor Hoof Condition and Irritability May be Indication of Stomach Ulcers

Gastric equine ulcers ranks second in the world as the most common health problem with horses.
Gastric equine ulcers is a major health epidemic. It ranks second in the world as the most common health problem with horses. Estimates are that 80% of racehorses and 56% of non-racehorses have gastric ulcers. Yes, stomach ulcers in horses can be prevented and easily treated.
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Why Poor Hoof Condition May Be a Result of Gastric Ulcers

Stomach ulcers in horses are a major health epidemic in the equine world and may be preventable or more easily treatable. More than 52% of horses of all breeds from 1 to 24 years old had gastric ulcers during a recent gastro-endoscopic study (Murray et al.). The Equine Gastric Ulcer Council found that gastric ulcers were present in 80-90% of competitive horses in training.
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The Evolution Of Hoof Protection Products

The basic scientific principles are as valid today as they were many years ago
For centuries, man has seen the wisdom of coating horses’ hooves with various substances for protection and to maintain flexibility. Pine tar, paraffin, oils and salves have been passed from one generation to the next with varying degrees of success.
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