This page lists material that supplements the January/February 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal.


Learn more about hoof moisture and coating hooves by reading “Hoof Coatings: Using Them For Better Feet”

Read more about the equine studies being funded by the Morris Animal Foundation

American Horse Council Seeks Industry Guidance

Read about other calming agents for horses

(Supplement to "Briefings" on page 14.)

Bob Marshall

Watching videos from the Indiana Farriers’ Association clinic. – Coming Soon

Read “Forging By The Marshall Plan.”

Read “Penciled Heel Keeps Concave Shoes From Sticking.”

(Supplement to "Back to Basics" on page 16.)

Shoeing For A Living Danvers Child

Podcast An Interview with Danvers Child.

Read “Defining The Hoof Quarters.”

Read “Understanding What You’re Seeing In Shoe Wear.”

(Supplement to "No Limits Shoeing" on page 26.)

Hoof Clips

Read Clip Considerations

Video Farrier Quick Takes (Roy Bloom): How To Pull Clips

Read What Makes A Good Clip?

(Supplement to "To Clip or not to Clip?" on page 38.)

Steve Kraus

Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Using the Golden Ratio to Check Your Work" on page 42.)


Video Farrier Quick Takes (Travis Burns): Discussion Of Keratoma Case

Video Farrier Quick Takes (Travis Burns): Follow-Up On A Keratoma Case

(Supplement to "Teamwork Aids Horse in Keratoma Surgery and Recovery" on page 46.)

Shoeing Prescriptions

Read Shoeing For Stifle Conditions

Online Classroom Best Tips For Managing Springtime Footcare

(Supplement to "Add Mechanical Advantage into a Shoeing Prescription" on page 54.)

Forge of July

Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Using Extensions to Help a Toed-In Foal" on page 66.)

Evaluating Horses

Podcast A Conversation With Curtis Burns

(Supplement to "A Thorough Plan for Evaluating Each Horse" on page 70.)

Dealing with scared or insecure horses

Reading “Dealing With The Nasty Ones.”

Reading “More Thoughts On Dealing With Unruly Horses.”

Watching the Online Hoof-Care Classroom “You’re Ready To Shoe, And He’s Thinking ‘No Way!’

(Supplement to "Footcare for the Nervous Horse" on page 76.)