This page lists material that supplements the January/February 2023 issue of American Farriers Journal.

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  • Managing Hind Feet – Mississippi farrier Hank Chisholm emphasizes a simple approach to footcare, especially for the performance horses he shoes. Coming Soon!
  • Playing the Angles – Oregon farrier Zach Morris keeps Arabian show horses sound through challenges of shoeing rules and conformational faults. Coming Soon!
  • The Shape of Things – There are several factors that affect hoof shape — and should be considered when trimming and shoeing horses, says British farrier Simon Curtis. Coming Soon!
  • Open Communication – To help horses, both the farrier and veterinarian must recognize specific areas of responsibility and have open communication, Tim Shannon says. Coming Soon!

Supplement to Contents on page 4.

More insight from Hank Chisholm on shoeing for soundness

  • Coming Soon!

Supplement to "Success Follows the Basics" on page 34.

More insight on What to Do to Avoid Injury 

Supplement  to "The Family Business" on page 46.