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2022 International Hoof-Care Summit Speaker

There are Many Ways to Shoe a Cat

Farriers Laura Gillespie and Mike Hayward to discuss shoeing options that fit skill sets, costs, materials and environments at the 2022 International Hoof-Care Summit
As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. When applying that proverbial saying to farriery, it certainly applies to shoeing horses, as well.
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 gaited horseshoe dimensions – Sponsored by VICTORY

How to Enter the 2022 Summit Mail-In Forging Competition

The 2022 Summit Mail-In Forging Exercise will earn a winner a buckle and all participants a T-shirt
For the eighth annual contest, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Craig Trnka challenges contestants with a practical shoe that uses a jump weld. See how to enter.
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Jay Tovey
International Hoof-Care Summit — Virtual Clinic Series

What is a Half Heart-Bar Shoe and What is it for?

The heart-bar horseshoe regained a foothold in farriery in the mid-1980s after Burney Chapman and George Platt reintroduced it for shoeing foundered and laminitic horses. When applied correctly, the heart bar has proven effective for various hoof-care issues. But it’s not a silver bullet for every pathology. So, when Jay Tovey only needs to engage half the frog, he turns to the half heart bar.
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2020 Farrier Business Success Academy

9 Easy Ways to Immediately Improve Your Business

A panel of business professionals shares key insights, strategies and advice during the 2020 Farrier Business Success Academy
Finding and maintaining happy footcare clients is critical for operating a successful farriery business. A panel of seasoned business professionals will share key insights, strategies and advice to help you find, manage and keep happy clients.
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News and Notes

International Hoof-Care Summit to be Held as Virtual Event for 2021

With recent developments regarding safety restrictions at the Duke Energy Convention Center (DECC) and the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, and how these restrictions would affect attendee experiences the International Hoof-Care Summit has decided to switch from live in-person to a virtual event in 2021.
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2020 Farrier Business Success Academy

Improve Your Cashflow and Limit Late Payers

Esco Buff offers strategies for addressing delinquent accounts during the 2020 Farrier Business Success Academy
Want to spend less time chasing down delinquent accounts and more time shoeing horses? This Farrier Business Success Academy session offers advice on ways to improve your cashflow and get paid on time.
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2017 International Hoof-Care Summit

Take a sneak peek into a sampling of what 2017 International Hoof-Care Summit attendees experienced at our 14th annual event.

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