Consider the form and function of the front and hind feet. How differently do you approach each in your work? At the International Hoof-Care Summit, Cornwall, England, farrier Simon Moore will share his theoretical and practical applications on how to assess and trim hind feet. Moore holds that there is very little done to examine the hinds. Most foot balance guidelines tend to be on the front limbs and feet, then generally lumping the hind feet into the same principles. In his opinion, this is incorrect, as the front and hind limb although are linked due to being part of the horse, they function completely different.

The 20th annual International Hoof-Care Summit will be held at the Duke Energy Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Cincinnati Hotel from January 24-27, 2023. To reserve your room at the conference discount of $145/night register here. A focused 4-day program covers the use dozens of field-tested footcare ideas gleaned from successful farriers, equine veterinarians and hoof researchers from around the world. Soak up valuable tips to improve your work, slash costs, improve efficiency and build profits. Gather the latest footcare ideas from the dozens of hours of exceptional learning at the Summit!

Unique from other conferences is the mix of general sessions, classrooms and face-to-face roundtables and face time with sponsors of the Hoof-Care Summit — all designed for maximum networking and the practical transfer of experience and knowledge. The lineup includes:

  • General Sessions — covering an abundance of proven no-tilling ideas and strategies. Among the national experts this year are Hans Castelijns, Dave Farley, Blane Chapman, and many more!
  • Face-to-face Roundtables — informal, moderated peer-to-peer discussions on specific hoof-care topics. Attendees should come with 5 questions to get answered in this proven format for sharing what works and doesn't.
  • Classrooms — in-depth presentation-style sessions convey practical, actionable ideas from experienced hoof-care experts on the most pressing needs.
  • This year's conference also hosts hands-on workshops, hours of trade show time, and networking opportunities! 

Title sponsors making the learning and networking opportunities possible include Mustad, Kawell USA, Castle Plastics, Life Data Labs, Kahn Forge, Emerald Lake, and Multieze Horseshoe. All 7 companies will exhibit during the 4-day educational event.