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Farrier Quick Takes

[Video] Shop Talk Between Farrier And Blacksmith

Doug Hogue, a farrier from El Paso, Texas, and Jose “Pep” Gomez, a blacksmith from Las Cruces, N.M., have had a friendship for several years. In this video, they talk about tools, how Gomez helped Hogue improve his forging skills and tool making.
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Farrier Quick Takes

[Video] Making a Forepunch from Atlantic 33

In the January/February 2015 issue of American Farriers Journal, farrier Doug Hogue talks about building tools with New Mexico blacksmith Jose Gomez. This video shows their process for forging a fore punch from Atlantic-33 Steel.
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Shoeing for a Living

Setting A Standard In West Texas

El Paso, Texas, farrier Doug Hogue says other shoers are largely to thank for the progress of his practice
Intensity is a key trait found in most successful farriers. Concentration on the job at hand, striving for self-improvement and unwavering pursuit of established goals are a few ways it manifests with practitioners. Without that spirit, one will not last long in this industry.
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High-Speed Treadmill Proves Importance Of Correct Trimming

Demonstration at the Texas A&M Farrier Conference shows the correlation between trimming and lameness
Earlier this year, horseshoers gathered in College Station, Texas, for the Texas A&M University Farrier Conference. Some came for the clinic itself, while others made the trip for the American Farrier’s Association certification exams that were held over the weekend.
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Shoe Modifications

Clip Considerations

Drawing clips in manufactured shoes remains popular among many farriers despite access to pre-clipped shoes
Within footcare, there are plenty of subjects that inspire debate. Handmade vs. manufactured shoes is one such subject. I think there is a happy medium within this debate that is manifested in a farrier who can find value and benefits in using manufactured shoes. This farrier, who also is skilled in the fire, can build a shoe and modify an existing shoe for specific needs and correctly apply either shoe to a horse.
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