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Be a Part of the Calgary Stampede One Last Time

Build A Sidebone Horseshoe For A FREE T-Shirt, FREE Book And A Chance To Win A Belt Buckle.
This may be the final time that the Calgary Stampede will host the World Championship Blacksmiths' Competition (WCBC), so here's your chance to be part of its history.
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Be a Part of the Calgary Stampede One Last Time

Build this sidebone shoe in the Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise to mark the apparent end of the World Championship Blacksmiths Competition at the Calgary Stampede
We may be coming to the end of an era concerning the World Championship Blacksmiths Competition (WCBC) in Calgary, Alberta. For decades, this served as a special place for many farriers. It is not without a sense of disappointment that we see this door closing, but as the saying goes, another door will open. I am optimistic that the future holds new opportunities for those horseshoers who will follow us.
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Jeremy McGovern
From The Desk Of AFJ

Your Last Chance Be Part Of Calgary

Earlier this year, it was announced that the World Championship Blacksmiths' Competition (WCBC) would be dropped from the Calgary Stampede lineup after 2014. While there is much disappointment in the horseshoeing world over this, there is also optimism that another event, unaffiliated with the stampede, will take its place.

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A Unique Approach to Forging Exercise

The top three finishers give an insider’s look to the Calgary Stampede spin-off exercise
The World Champion Blacksmiths' Competition, held each year at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, is the "Olympics of blacksmithing." Contestants worldwide come each July to compete in a variety of exercises that show off their forging skills.
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Getting a Firmer Grasp on Farrier Shop Skills

Participants in this year’s Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise further developed their talents by making bolt tongs rather than shoes
After 10 years of forging various shoes ranging from the simple to the complicated, the Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise shifted gears this year. This year’s exercise encouraged American Farriers Journal readers to sharpen their forging skills by producing a pair of bolt tongs from 3/4-inch bar stock.
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Tag-Team Tongs

The 2010 Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise requires participants to get a helping hand
When Marshall Iles and I first discussed the 2010 Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise, the shoer from Alberta said he wanted something that had a real Calgary feel, yet was a departure from the ordinary.
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Forging the Saddlebred Shoe

This year’s Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise drew 32 participants from six countries
This year’s Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise winner, Mark Lieser, is no newcomer to this valuable stay-at-home educational opportunity, having taken several top placings in the event over the last 6 years.
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Brazilian Captures Mail-In Forging Exercise Honors

This unique forging exercise helps shoers improve their forging skills and leads to higher quality day-to-day hoof-care work
After participating in the Calgary mail-in forging exercise for 6 years, Flavio Souza captured top honors this year. The Brazilian farrier from Serra Negra, San Paulo, says earning this honor is one of the highlights of his shoeing career.
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No Fooling, It's a Fishtail Shoe

Calgary Mail-In Event focuses on an unusual challenge
This year, farriers taking part in the Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise will be angling for the top spot as they build a fishtail bar shoe.
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