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Protecting Your Hearing

While everyone loses some hearing as they age, farriers are at an increased risk for hearing loss if not properly protected
Hearing loss is one of the many dangers that farriers face - and one of the easiest to prevent. The ringing of anvils, noise from the grinders and other activities farriers do every day can produce sound far surpassing the level that will make a person deaf over time.
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Helping Clients Pay Attention To Nutrition Needs

Here are 10 easy-to-implement tips to describe to your footcare clients the hows and whys of equine nutrition
What a horse eats, and even how and when it eats it, largely contributes to the overall health of the horse, including its feet. Poor diet may contribute to an increased risk of laminitis, colic and gastric ulcers, among other health problems, but risk of these ailments can be lowered by properly managing a horse's nutritional program.
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Get Help With An Unruly Horse

A veterinarian describes how the Dormosedan Gel sedative works and gives tips for handling the drug safely and effectively
Though it was first introduced 5 years ago, Zoetis' Dormosedan Gel is still relatively new to many farriers. It is a drug that works to gain a sedated state in horses.
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Spotlight on Hoof Care

Southeastern Triple Crown Wraps Up in Florida

Three southeastern farrier associations team up to draw competitors to compete in this annual three-part contest
The third, and last leg of the 2014 Southeastern Triple Crown was held in Ocala, Fla. The contest, judged by Travis Koons, drew 23 competitors.
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