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Horsepower Technologies Celebrates Grand Opening

The Lowell, Mass., healthcare and data company Horsepower Technologies Inc. (HTI) is hosting a grand opening of its new and renovated office space, as well as featuring a ribbon cutting ceremony with Mouli Ramani, HTI’s president and chief executive officer (CEO), accompanied by Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash and Rep. Thomas A. Golden Jr.
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Tender Loving Footcare Needed with Older Horses

Reduced physical activity along with serious digestive system changes often lead to serious problems with deteriorating hooves with aging horses
It’s not at all unusual to see declining hoof conditions in older horses as the natural aging process takes its toll on equine body condition.
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Vet's Corner

Shoe Support Is Critical With Half-Limb Casts

An elevated support shoe can protect essential hoof angles when dealing with fractures and other serious injuries
Ryan Carpenter and a team of fellow veterinarians at Colorado State University have found that properly applying a half-limb cast to a standing horse is an effective tool to treat numerous orthopedic and soft tissue injuries.
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Dealing with a 'Stump Foot'

Club foot is a human condition that is not comparable to the condition in a horse, maintains this veteran hoof researcher

There’s an abundance, if yet not very helpful, literature on the Web and elsewhere on so-called “club foot” in horses.

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Using half-rounds to deal with a toeing-in problem

Q: I have an 11-year-old Paint horse that toes in with his right foot. He also has arthritis in his fetlock joint on the same leg, due to the stress he puts on that joint from toeing in. He is reasonably sound, but does get lame when ridden too much.

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