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High Sugar Levels in Forage Can Lead to Laminitis

Encourage clients to pay special attention to both grazing and forage feeding to avoid laminitic and insulin-resistant concerns
Research conducted in Australia offers strong circumstantial evidence that the fructans found in the hindgut of horses can trigger laminitis, says noted hoof researcher Chris Pollitt.
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Hoof Packing

Delivering Sole Support Through Hoof Packing

Understanding the foot’s internal structures and the materials you are using is crucial for properly applying hoof packing for sole support
Regardless of the reason for using hoof packing, the options have certainly broadened since pine tar and oakum were the preferred ingredients for many applications. This is especially true when using packing to provide sole support.
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Farrier Software

What's In Your Toolbox?

Whether you are looking to educate your clients, provide a new service or maintain your business records, computer software could be the change your practice needs
When hearing the word “technology,” farriers may immediately visualize products such as a laptop or cell phone. Useful technology, however, is not solely limited to devices but also includes the programs and software that can be run on them.
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The Widest Part of the Foot

A study of locating internal hoof structures from external references
A primary hoof-care goal always has been to trim the hoof so that it provides support and stability to the distal phalanx (hence the bony column), regardless of whether a horse is being shod or left barefoot.
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