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Selecting the Right Shoeing Box

Picking the perfect shoeing box to fit your needs can save you time, money and labor
Much like a farrier’s shoeing rig, a shoer’s toolbox can become a personal statement. It’s a reflection of personal work style, shoeing technique and professionalism.
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The Highs And Lows Of Nailing

I was asked to sit in on a panel discussion before more than 800 farriers at the 2006 International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, where the topic was a debate on high nailing versus low nailing.
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Nailing Essentials

An often-overlooked part of shoeing, there are many time-saving tips, tricks and techniques to improve your nailing efficiency

Farriers all have varying techniques, systems and methods that they use for shoeing horses.

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Check Out 61 “Best Of The Best” Shoeing Ideas

At the second annual International Hoof-Care Summit, seven veteran shoers shared plenty of shoeing tips, tricks and techniques
In two highly powerful idea-a-minute presentations at the recent International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, veteran shoers from five states offered the best ideas that have paid off for them over the years.
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Heard 'Round The Anvil

Check out these 30 shoeing tips and tricks picked up from farriers and equine veterinarians at clinics and conferences

 1. To forge a bar in an aluminum bar shoe, start with a keg shoe that’s two sizes larger than what you need. 

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Hot And Cold Tips For Better Forging

Developing these skills will pay off in increased efficiency and better shoeing
Some of the most important work a farrier does takes place at least a few feet from the horse that’s being shod. Skills at the anvil can set a farrier apart from run-of-the-mill shoers. The ability to hand forge specialty shoes or fine-tune keg shoes can greatly enhance your ability to increase your shoeing incomes.
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Farrier Roundup In Kansas City

AFA convention once again proves a great social, educational gathering
Kansas city showed many of its faces to attendees at the American Farrier’s Association (AFA) 30th Annual Convention in late February and early March.
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