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Clark Beckstead Passes Away

Clark B. Beckstead, farrier for 35 years died suddenly, March 14, 2011 just as he started to shoe his fourth horse of the morning.
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Horseshoers Union Numbers Skyrocket

Merger with other trades boosts numbers from fewer than 100 members to almost 40,000, offering shoers a possible savings on insurance benefits

FARRIERS MAY PRIDE themselves on being their own boss and owning their own company, but with the expansion of the International Union of Journeymen Horseshoers of the United States and Canada, now may be the time for shoers to think about joining a union.

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Rolled Shoe

Use A Full-Rolling-Motion Shoe To Help Breakover

Here’s one of the hot shoeing products highlighted at recent winter farrier meetings
One of the more intriguing innovations at last January’s Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium was a full-rolling-motion aluminum shoe from Italy that was introduced by equine veterinarian Hans Castelijns.
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Tackling Club Feet Concerns

The latest thinking on handling this problem with foals highlighted the mid-January Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium
Since there are varying types of club feet, Ric Redden saw the need for developing a meaningful grading scale that would lead to customized treatment strategies.
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Shop Talk

Tax Court Opinion Makes It Easier For Farriers To Deduct Home Office Expenses

While it has been possible in the past for shoers to deduct the cost of an office in the home that is used 100 percent for business purposes, a new U.S. Tax Court opinion may make it possible to do so even if the room is used for some personal uses. But one caution is that this opinion went against the existing tax law, which requires a room be used “regularly and exclusively” for work in order to take a home office tax deduction.
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Future research is more likely to find a pharmacological cure for systemic laminitis than for overload weight-bearing laminitis, maintains equine veterinarian Larry Bramlage. The surgeon with Rood and Riddle in Lexington, Ky., defines systemic laminitis as a disease process that liberates enough mediators within the body to trigger the separation of the hoof wall.

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A Farrier's Viewpoint

What's The Point Of The "Four Point?"

In an in-depth analysis, this farrier maintains the four-point trim should neither be a common practice nor a crutch to lean on when other trimming and shoeing methods fail

 As you might guess, the four-point trim is a method of trimming horses with both advocates and adversaries.

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