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Jeremy McGovern
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Times They (Still) Are A Changin’

Farriery is an art and science steeped in tradition. Within that tradition is a commitment to honoring the basics. Yet, there is always a constant evolution within the system. New products come and go. New theories and research emerge that reshape our thinking about the horse. Some things will never change, but many others do.
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Hall Of Fame Farrier Recalls Her Past For Elyria Woman’s Club

Ada Gates Patton hails from a family whose roots include Elyria as well as cousins named Vanderbilt and Frick. Yet a life that included growing up as a debutante among the high society of Long Island, N.Y., modeling and acting, and a second career as a nationally known farrier have done nothing to diminish her deep affection for, and ties to, Elyria.
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Farrier Quick Takes

[Video] Finding Success

International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame farriers John Blombach, Ada Gates-Patton and Tom Wolfe share their experiences finding success in the farriery industry and advice for how other farriers can find success in their farriery practice.
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Farrier Quick Takes

[Video] Avoiding Burn-Out

International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame farriers John Blombach, Ada Gates-Patton and Tom Wolfe share advice on how farriers can avoid burn-out and stay excited about their work.
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The International Hosershoeing Hall Of Fame

Halls of Fame Welcome 11 New Members

Seven farriers and four equine veterinarians from around the world are honored for their dedication and passion in promoting hoof care
The 2010 classes were added to the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame during a ceremony at the International Hoof-Care Summit on Thursday, Feb. 3 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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