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45th Anniversary

March 1975: What's This?

In 2020, American Farriers Journal celebrates 45 years of serving the horseshoeing industry with 45 memorable articles from the magazine's history.
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Simple but Effective Ways to Shear Bar Stock

Bruce Daniels’ techniques continue to hold up more than 40 years later
Communication between farriers was few and far between when Henry Heymering published the first issue of American Farriers Journal in 1975. Many shoers of that era recall counterparts packing up their tools when they arrived at a barn out of fear that their techniques might close the expertise gap. As a result, experience and ingenuity were largely relied upon to improve everyday work and efficiency.
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Maryland Farrier Remains Successful by Adapting His Practice

First Shoeing for a Living subject details keys for longevity in the face of uncertainty
When Frank Lessiter wrote the first “Shoeing for a Living” in 1992, American Farriers Journal launched what became its most popular feature series. Over the 28 years since its debut, the focus of each of the articles clearly mirrors Hall of Fame farrier Henry Heymering’s goals when he published the first 8-page issue of the magazine 45 years ago — bringing farriers together and eliminating isolationism.
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Detecting and Treating Subsolar Abscesses

A conservative approach may provide relief without compromising overall hoof integrity
Your client called. Her horse is three-legged lame, and she thinks it’s an abscess. What should you do? For many farriers, the answer is easy: evaluate the lameness, and if it’s an abscess, drain the infection and keep the hoof clean and dry afterward.
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Frankly Speaking: Celebrating 45 Years of American Farrier Journal

Nearly 45 years ago, a farrier in Arcadia, Fla., saw an opportunity to improve farrier communication. He would catch the rising tide that had emerged during the previous 5 to 10 years with the creation of several strong regional associations and the American Farrier’s Association. This movement was about bringing farriers together and eliminating the isolationism that was crippling the industry.
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An Ever Evolving Industry

The past 40 years of farriery have witnessed important changes in the business practices of the trade
Hoof care has undergone a multitude of changes ever since the ancients domesticated the horse and assumed its responsibility. However, the last 40 years are arguably one of the most significant periods in its growth than any other 4-decade span. This time witnessed dramatic changes in how farriers work with one another, and saw unrivaled technological advancements.
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