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Going The Distance With Endurance Horses

Understanding the horse’s conformation and the inconsistent terrain it will be racing on will keep these equine athletes going strong
Moving targets are nothing new to seasoned farriers. Many, if not most, try to apply a shoe on one every day. Yet, those who care for the feet of endurance horses might be considered sharpshooters while trying to keep these athletes competing.
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Farrier Tips: My View Of Cracked Hooves

Quarter and heel cracks in the hoof, in most cases are the result of the medial-lateral imbalances of the hoof and limb. These cracks are coming from the perioplic ring down and can reach up to the lower edge of the hoof. Imbalance occurs due to poor limbs conformation, resulting weight horses cover hoof not evenly.
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It's All About Balance

Veteran Standardbred farrier Ed Warrington maintains many shoers tend to address the effect of a footcare problem rather than dealing with the cause
It's been 53 years since Ed Warrington started shoeing Standardbred racehorses. And he says determining the best way to balance these horses is just as important today as it was back then.
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Shoeing Around the Coffin Joint

Scottish farrier Jim Ferrie says to let the coffin joint guide you when tackling cases of imbalance
The coffin joint is the most distal joint in the equine limb and, consequently, comes under a tremendous amount of pressure from above.
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Conformation's Influence on Motion

Understanding the subtle details of a horse’s conformation will best prepare you for effective trimming and shoeing
How a horse is put together — body proportions and angles, leg angles, straightness or imbalance in limbs — influences how that horse moves, how its feet push off and strike the ground and how its hooves wear and grow.
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