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The Beauty Of Bold

Under the right circumstances, using this section could benefit certain horses that you work with

Various horseshoe designs have been found to have had an effect on hoof loading on synthetic surfaces.1 The most common sections used here in the United Kingdom are concave and flat.

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What's This?: January/February 2018

This horseshoe was instrumental in helping New York farmers during the “ice age.”
This horseshoe was found in an old barn on a Clove Valley, N.Y., farm. Nearby Pray’s Pond was used by several neighboring farm families in the years before 1940 to jointly harvest ice behind three teams of horses, according to the Winter 2008 edition of Country Courier. The harvest typically began in December and continued into January.
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What's This?

Take A Journey Back In Time As We Explore A Shoe From The Past
The history of farriery is as rich as it is ancient. It’s believed that migratory Eurasian tribes used horseshoes during the second century before the birth of Christ.
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Research Journal: April 2016

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
IV Tildren for Navicular Syndrome The efficacy of administering the injectable bisphosphonate medication for horses (Tildren) in two different ways was evaluated for the treatment of navicular syndrome. Twelve horses diagnosed with bilateral navicular syndrome were randomly assigned to receive Tildren either systemically by intravenous injection or by using regional limb perfusion, where the drug is “back-flushed” directly into the blood vessels of the lower limb so that it is delivered to the lower limb and hoof in a more direct, concentrated manner.
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