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3 Common Causes for Failure of the Veterinarian-Farrier Relationship

Recognize and avoid situations in which either party inadvertently contributes to losing focus on the horse

Not only a veterinarian, John Tegzes holds a Master’s degree in psychology. This education and training gives him a vantage point for applying lessons regarding human interaction to his role in the veterinary industry. This unique perspective also provides him with insight into building that crucial team that keeps the horse central. He’s borrowed from the fields of human healthcare and psychology to learn how veterinarians and farriers can best work together.

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Joint Practitioner Educational Clinics: Win-Win for Clients and Their Horses

Case discussion builds camaraderie and helps reinforce professional boundaries
One Friday a month, 30 farriers in western Pennsylvania gather at Allegheny Equine Practice. At least one, often two, lame horses are awaiting them. A veterinarian performs a lameness exam and explains the steps involved. The horses are blocked and radiographs are taken.
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Frankly Speaking: Rather Than Just Talking About It …

Having a good veterinarian-farrier relationship should be evident. Working together as professionals will deliver the best possible care for the horse. Who would argue against it? Yet it seems that it still needs to be stated. It may seem obvious and overdone, but when we seek advice from farriers or vets, the subject comes up often.

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Clinic And Competition Builds Better Vet-Farrier Bridges

The Spring Farrier Clinic at Iowa State University brought farriers and vet students together to investigate ways to work together.
The Spring Farrier Clinic held at Iowa State University this weekend has similarities with other farrier clinics. There is a multi-class competition, presentations and camaraderie typically found at other clinics. One distinct difference is the emphasis placed on vet-farrier relationships.
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Vet, Farrier Tackle Tough Abscess Case

Retired barrel racing horse suffers severe bruising, abscesses after pulling shoes
RW’s job was done and his shoes were pulled. After years of racing around barrels in cloverleaf patterns, it was time for the sorrel Quarter Horse with a white blaze to take it easy and enjoy the good life in Southwest Tennessee.
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Want Better Vet-Farrier Relations? Improve Communication

Have you found yourself thinking that you were on the same page with someone only to find that you weren’t even in the same chapter? What very well could be a genuine attempt to be helpful by either party might be construed as something altogether different. That’s what makes the farrier-veterinarian relationship tricky.
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