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Using A Marketing Plan To Promote Your Practice

Strategic planning combined with outside resources can help promote and grow your farrier practice
There is no argument that farriery is a male-dominated industry. Being female is part of my experience as a farrier. To give you a bit of context, in Aus­tralia we have trimming schools filled with female recruits.
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Successful Farrier Website Owners Offer Helpful Tips

Internet sites remain an easy and affordable option to promote your hoof-care practice
In today's tech savvy culture, it's something of a rarity to discover a business that's not taking advantage of the near necessity of the Internet to boost the bottom line. Yet, many farriers remain steadfast in relying on word of mouth to build their clientele.
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Farriery and the iPad: A Good Fit?

Having each taken one of Apple’s sleek iPads for a ride-along, two tech-savvy shoers see new possibilities for fellow farriers
Every farrier knows the importance of regular maintenance for keeping a foot healthy and a horse happy. In the same way, a farrier’s business must be kept up-to-date to prosper and to stay competitive.
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The Hoof-Care Bottom Line

Increasing the Income of Your Farrier Business

There are more ways to bring in additional money than just by boosting your shoeing prices
Cutting expenses and investing wisely are good methods for improving your hoof-care business's bottom line. However, there are also many other ways to earn more money or increase your business income. Just as with cutting expenses, it takes a little imagination for any business to increase income, especially in these challenging economic times.
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Become a Web-Savvy Farrier

Learning to use the Internet will help you become a more informed and profitable farrier
Renchin strongly suggests you use an accounting program like Quicken. In addition to software you can load on your machine, the company offers a Web-based interface.
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Andrew Elsbree

Dealing With the Web-Wise Horse Owner

Today’s farriers need to realize second opinions are just a mouse-click away

Some farriers wear the fact that they aren’t computer savvy like a badge of honor.

But like it or not, shoers in this day and age are going to be dealing with the Internet and the World Wide Web — even if they never put their fingers on a keyboard or place their palm over a computer mouse.

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