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2013 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] Current Truck/Rig & Future Upgrades

Uxbridge, Ontario (Canada) farrier Dave Dawson has been shoeing horses for almost 20 years. He mainly works in the show industry with jumpers, hunters, dressage and some gaited horses. In the following video, Dawson discusses his current truck/rig setup, what he likes about his vehicle, and upgrades he hopes to make in the future.
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Rusty Derrer

What His Truck Says About Him

Indiana farrier Rusty Derrer has an eye-catching shoeing rig and the skills to back it up
Shoeing out of Cicero, Ind., farrier Rusty Derrer used to work on several types of horses, including a large number of drafts.
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No Easy Fuel Choice for Shoeing Rigs

Whether it’s diesel, gas, propane or waste vegetable oil, there’s no consensus among horseshoers as to the best fuel for their trucks
With diesel now costing more than gas, many farriers are convinced that a gas-powered rig is the best way to go. Yet there are still some distinct advantages for driving a diesel-powered truck.
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Truck and barn

Make More, Keep More!

Whether you work alone or operate a multi-farrier business, you can do it by following a number of key factors
Operating a multi-farrier business with four full-time salaried farriers, Tom Parris makes it work by providing excellent service, year-round hoof care for 700 horses, being extremely efficient and computerizing the business while keeping a close eye on expenses.
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