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Preventing And Addressing Hoof Flares

Identifying and correctly managing deformations are critical to keeping horses sound
Hoof flare is one of the most common issues facing farriers today. Yet as often as it’s seen, hoof flare is also potentially crippling to the horse. Recognizing hoof flare and treating it can be crucial to keeping your clients’ horses healthy and sound.
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Help with a Foundered Front Hoof

I have an older mare with a foundered front hoof. The mare stays shod year-round for comfort. I’ve been shoeing her for 3 years and it seems that within the last year, the hoof capsule is changing shape
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In Defense Of Shoes

The six winners of the Mustad’s scholarship essay contest describe why horses should be shod

Shoeing allows farriers to provide five benefits to horses: protection, traction, correction, therapeutic and performance. Most horses today are used for performance and pleasure. The duties that owners ask of their horses are tough and can be physically hard on the animals. With special shoes, horses are able to perform amazing moves with less stress to the hoof and all structures supported by it.

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Super Soaker

Tips, tactics and techniques for dealing with waterlogged hooves, no matter the environment
When people think about environmental factors that play a role in degrading the integrity of the hoof, most think about the things like rocky terrain, sandy oil and icy, slippery conditions.
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Achieving Balance Through Trims

Developing a thorough knowledge of anatomy, load-bearing and trimming techniques helps achieve critical balance goals
For the majority of the first half of my shoeing career, I educated clients — and farriers — about conformation and the proper way to balance a foot.
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“Worst Big Hoof I’ve Ever Seen!”

Hall Of Fame farrier had his hands full trying to help a 2,400-pound Clydesdale with water-logged, crumbling hooves
When it comes to founder cases, there isn’t much these days that can shake up Danny Ward. That is, until he was called to work on an emergency case regarding a 2,400-pound Clydesdale named Sydney.
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Modifying Keg Shoes

Toe-Weighted Shoes Take Time

Long-striding horses benefit from toe weights

 Toe-weighted shoes are used with horses that may require a longer stride or more animation — mainly Saddlebreds, Walking Horses, Morgans, Racking Horses and some show ponies. 

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