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Physiology, Foot Morphology And Health In The True Wild Horse

Researcher finds laminitis and surprising hoof problems with Przewalski’s horse
The Przewalski horse, the only wild horse living today, enjoys what could be considered the “ideal” life. In Mongolia and Hungary, where Brian Hampson has observed them, the nomadic grazers roam the fence-free countryside. Traditional herdsmen are responsible for regularly monitoring the herds, but the caretakers don’t interact with or attempt to domesticate the horses.
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2013 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] Lecture Preview: Brian Hampson

IHCS Speaker Brian Hampson of the Australia Brumby Research Unit gives us a sneak peek into what he'll be presenting over the course of three presentations at the 2013 International Hoof-Care Summit that will cover the hoof health of the Brumby, Australia's feral horse.
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Brumby Research In Australia

A film documents a group’s study of Australia’s feral horse
The image of wild horses running free appeals to nearly everyone. The sight of their beauty, strength and grace are magnificent to watch. I think it invokes that inner wish in all of us to be free and independent.
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