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Shoeing for a Living

Shoeing Together in the Heartland

Bringing different experiences to the job, Jerry and Charity Mathews have developed a comprehensive shoeing practice in Kansas
When you read the first timestamp for this "Shoeing For A Living," you may think that this day started slightly late. While it may be true that many farriers usually have a foot in the air by 9 a.m., this isn't a case of the subject - or editor - sleeping in.
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Horseshoeing History Made in Missouri

Eleven farriers participate in the first Worshipful Company of Farriers examination held outside of the United Kingdom
The Worshipful Company of Farriers (WCF) was organized in 1356 as the governing body over the practice of farriery in London. Evolving over centuries, the Company is regarded by many as stewards of the highest standards in horseshoeing, as manifested through its rigorous examination process.
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All's Well At Stone Well

From Upstate New York, Brent Chidsey’s distinctive shoeing bodies spread across the country
It may not be exactly the assembly line of a “Big-3” automaker, but in a short visit to the headquarters of Stone Well Bodies & Equipment in Genoa, N.Y., you can quickly see the basics of how the company’s popular shoeing bodies go together.
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Farriers' Roundtable

How Can You Help A Horse Best Recover From Underrun Heels
The general cause of underrun heels is a distortion of the hoof capsule due to a shifting of the breakover too far forward, allowing for excess loading and crushing of the heels.
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GS Bar Shoe
The Right Shoe

Still Another Option With Bar Shoes

Here's an easy solution when ready-made bar shoes aren't just right
A bar shoe is one of the most basic of all shoes for the treatment of hoof ailments and lameness. And we know that a horse needs to be shod if it is to be placed into any type of regular service.
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Back To The Basics

Practice Makes The Shoe Fit

If you are reading this magazine, there’s a good chance you are interested in improving your skills as a farrier. This article is designed to help you do just that.
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Subtle lamenesses overlooked during routine examinations may be spotted with a new pressure-sensing system being developed at the University of California-Davis. Flexible pressure-sensitive plates measure treadmill pressure patterns when attached to the bottom of each hoof.
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Your Business Is Worth It

Use these smart business management tips to decide whether you want to be a Mercedes or Yugo type of farrier
Do you want to make more money by shoeing fewer horses for more desirable clients? Of course you do!
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