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Managing Clubfoot in Foals

Proper handling and care is necessary for efficient and successful results
Clubfoot is a congenital or acquired distal interphalangeal flexural deformity of the toe. In general, a clubfoot can be defined as a hoof that meets the ground at an angle greater than 60 degrees.
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Therapeutic Shoeing

Stabilizing the Hoof Wall After Resection

Hoof casts promote healing, but be aware of side effects
Several disorders affecting the hooves can be an indication for a partial hoof wall resection. However, high risks and harmful side effects are associated with a loss of supporting hoof wall, so the hoof must be stabilized and protected to promote successful healing.
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This Week

Hoof-Care Highlights: The Week of March 20

This Week: Hoof-care professionals across the country and the ocean are sharing what they know with others in the industry through social media, webinars and videos. Here are a few of our favorites. Hoof-Care Highlights is brought to you by Meader Supply.
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Research Journal

Researchers Measure Hoof Motion

Researchers from Germany and the Netherlands performed a series of experiments to validate the use of hoof mounted inertia measuring devices compared with high-speed video analysis to measure stride characteristics at the walk and trot on firm and soft ground.
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Center of pressure

What is Mediolateral Balance in Farriery?

Scientific research offers insights in the context of everyday hoof care and shoeing

Mediolateral balance is a widely and sometimes misleading term used by equine professionals, in particular farriers and veterinarians. This article aims to clarify terms related to “mediolateral balance” and to give an overview of current research findings regarding trimming and shoeing.

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