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The Continued Relevance Of Poultices

Poultices have been in use as long as horses have been domesticated. In fact, they used to be a very common human remedy as well. With the long history of their use, you might expect good research would be available to support their use, but this isn't the case. The medical literature is actually pretty scarce, but it does support the ability of clays in poultices to draw out harmful minerals as well as proteins that would accumulate in areas of inflammation.
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A Sampling of Soaks and Poultices

Hoof treatment manufacturers and distributors list what they find are the benefits of using their products
Hoof poultices and soaks are used for hoof injuries, abscesses, puncture wounds, thrush, white line disease and other foot problems. Not a recent discovery, poultices of various types of clay and mud have been used for human afflictions for thousands of years, and eventually for their animals as well.
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Abscess Kit Makes for Easier Treatment

All-in-one package found farrier, horse-owner friendly.
If you have been around horses for long, you have probably had to deal with an abscess. For farriers, treating abscesses is part and parcel of what we do for a living. An abscess is simply an infection in the sensitive structures of the foot. Often it is from a puncture in the sole that allows bacteria into the solar corium. However, they can occur from a bruise that becomes infected or from the introduction of bacteria from other situations, such as severe wet or environmental changes.
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