Vettec Hoof Care Supplies

Vettec products can be used to glue on boots, and customize them for better fit and performance.

  • Adhere is a proven product for securing hoof boots for endurance and trail riding. EquiPak customizes the internal fit of most boots by filling gaps and minimizing boot movement.
  • The technique is simple and is easily replaced when the foot changes seasonally.
  • EquiPak Soft provides excellent cushion and support in the floor of a hoof boot, and provides a custom fit for each foot.
  • SoleGuard can be used to customize a boot externally such as wedging and extensions for therapeutic applications.
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Scoot Boots

Excellent $$$ incentives for farriers! Scoot Boots offers great profit margins and easy shipping for farriers. Need a hoof boot for your inventory that is very easy to fit and secure?

Scoot Boots are great for:

  • Use as a spare tire
  • Brittle “hard-to-nail” hooves
  • Rehabbing

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Hawthorne Ice-O-Poultice

... fast pain relief!

  • A Topical clay therapy provides cooling effect as it draws the heat from hot tired legs
  • Ice-O-Poultice draws inflammation and tightens legs, soothing the skin
  • Simple to use, easy to apply and remove
  • Ice-O-Poultice stays moist at least 12 hours
  • The product of choice in hard to bandage spots requiring cold therapy
  • Comes in 10lb, 23lb, and 50 lbs tubs


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Hawthorne Choate’s Liniment

... effective pain relief!

“the best results in terms of reduction of spasm, rapid and long-lasting pain relief and obviously improved freedom of movement was with Choate’s Liniment.”

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Hawthorne Vita Oil

... all natural pain relief!

Vita Oil has no alcohol, acetone or other quickly evaporative substances that can dry skin, but contains a combination of all natural oils and spices that remain moist and active for hours. Massaging Vita Oil restores the muscles to their natural state of suppleness and elasticity. It induces circulation which promotes mobility and freedom of action, making it effective in treating arthritic joint pain and a great product for stifles. Formulated for healing sore muscles, Vita Oil works very well at relieving joint pain and stiffness.

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Choate’s Liniment provides relief for sore muscles or chronic joint pain. It is effective for preventing and treating lameness and soreness caused by bog spavin, bowed tendons, bucked shins, curbs, osselets, pop knee, splints, stocking up (edema) and suspensory ligament damage. Choate’s Liniment also makes an excellent body brace when diluted with water or alcohol (2 oz. of liniment with 5 gallons of water, or 1/2 oz. with one pint of alcohol; always mix well.) The Horse Journal article “Liniments with a Kick” said it best: