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Researchers in Vienna examined the utility of using heart rate and heart rate variability to estimate the degree of pain felt by 12 horses with clinically obvious laminitis compared to five unaffected control horses. In addition, heart rates were compared to the Obel pain scale, historically used to describe the severity of laminitis pain where “1” is used for horses that shift their weight from one foot to another while standing or are lame only at a trot and “4” is used for horses that are very reluctant or refuse to move.

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Managing Navicular Syndrome In Horses

Two instructional articles, a cover photo and an in-depth editorial package covering the 35th anniversary of American Farriers Journal magazine captured top awards in the recent American Horse Publications annual editorial awards competition.
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Treating Soft-Tissue Injuries

Farriers play an important team role in preventing, treating and rehabilitating damages of this kind that lame numerous horses
Although farriery overtly deals with the structures of the hoof capsule, a farrier may be involved with soft tissue injuries of the limb at any stage — from identification through rehabilitation. The term “soft tissue” technically includes any tissue that is not bone or horn: nerve, blood vessels, skin, subcutis, muscle, tendon, ligament, joint capsule, bursa, cartilage or fat.
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Equine Anatomy

Last Of The Ligaments — Sort Of

There are actually many more, but these seven wrap up this look at the ligaments most important for shoers

This is the last of the ligament series, but it is not the last of the ligaments that exist in the horse’s leg. Serious students can take their studies well beyond these anatomy articles, but this will finish the basics of the ligaments my students must master.

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Dealing with a 'Stump Foot'

Club foot is a human condition that is not comparable to the condition in a horse, maintains this veteran hoof researcher

There’s an abundance, if yet not very helpful, literature on the Web and elsewhere on so-called “club foot” in horses.

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Hooves Budding In The Womb

Development of the equine leg and foot
In routine stud veterinary practice, the mare’s pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound examinations at varying times from 13 days after ovulation.
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