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Migrating Clients Require Farrier Communication And Collaboration

As seasons change and horses move between locations, farriers in different states must work together to keep horse hooves healthy
Farriers spend a lot of energy, effort and expertise to keep their charges’ feet in tip-top shape so that their clients can continue year-round. Some farriers have clients who opt to migrate their horses to other locations beyond their “home base” for part of the year, such as those whose clients show during the winter in Florida.
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Farrier Tips

You Can Help Prevent Seedy Toe

While the first week of June is coming to an end, May showers are persisting in many areas of the country. Although proof is elusive, there is a link that wet and humid conditions contribute to white line disease, or seedy toe.
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Farriers' Roundtable

I have encountered quite a bit of seedy toe recently. Is it always best to shoe the foot after debriding it? What if the horse has usually gone barefoot?
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Martin D. Kenny
A Farrier's Viewpoint

Geometry or Physics?

When it comes to shoeing, which do you use?

I’ve been at this a long time (35 years) and have only truly understood the hoof (as all farriers should) in the past few years. At first, it was disturbing to come to the realization that after all those years thinking I knew what I was doing, that I really had no idea at all.

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