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Red Renchin
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Farriers Hold Client Respect

One complaint I have heard from many farriers is their clients and others in the horse community lack respect for them. This is true among a small number of people who have no concept of what we do or lack a fundamental understanding of the importance of quality footcare (and the farrier's role in that).
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The Hoof-Care Bottom Line

Benchmarks Of Professionalism

There’s more to being regarded as a hoof-care professional than simply taking care of horses’ feet and leaving a bill
In our industry and many others, the word profession and professional are used to describe a variety of things.
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The Backyard Horse

Backyard Horse Owners: Who are They?

Farriers describe these clients, and the clients describe themselves
"Backyard horse owners are my primary clients, and I value each and every one. Some are neighbors, some are riding buddies and I am one myself," says a farrier of backyard horses. Backyard horse owners, like the horses themselves, come in all types.
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25 Top Tips for Satisfying Customers

These are successful horseshoers because their skills aren’t only limited to forging or hoof care, but also include quality customer service
Customer service has always been a popular business topic in the pages of AFJ. We've pulled 25 of the best tips on the subject, beginning in 2000 that will serve as solid advice for delivering your best customer service
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Get it Done Vs. Get it Done Right

A horseman’s approach to training young horses for shoeing and trimming

This article has a very specific audience — farriers like myself who find themselves working on young stock and horses who have a poor understanding of the trimming and shoeing process.

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