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Farrier Tips: Working With Young Horses

Young horses that haven't been shod before present a challenge to any farrier and if you get more than one of them on a given day or several in a given week, it can really affect how much work you can get done.
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A New York Yankee in a Cattle King's Court

Farrier Steve Kraus takes part in a Montana roundup and does a little barefoot vs. shod observation on the side
When some friends of ours told us about the ZN Ranch cattle roundup in northern Montana, events were set in motion for my wife, Betsy, and I, as well as friends Tacie and Peter, to go on an adventure.
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Farriers' Roundtable

What’s the best way to handle a client or barn that always seems to have extra horses for you to do when you arrive? It throws off the rest of the day’s schedule.
Your response will depend upon your view of your life and business.
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Farrier Business Still Looking Good

Data gleaned from the latest American Farriers Journal survey indicates the hoof-care business is holding its own and doing better than other areas of the equine industry
Just as is true with the real estate market, location plays a key role in the average annual gross income earned by farriers.
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Conformation's Influence on Motion

Understanding the subtle details of a horse’s conformation will best prepare you for effective trimming and shoeing
How a horse is put together — body proportions and angles, leg angles, straightness or imbalance in limbs — influences how that horse moves, how its feet push off and strike the ground and how its hooves wear and grow.
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The Importance of Frog Engagement

Therapeutic shoeing protocol manages this artificially, enhancing soundness in horses with navicular problems
There are many different techniques to therapeutically shoe horses for various hoof disorders. The veterinary and farrier professions are becoming more and more sophisticated in podiatry, using the mechanics of the hoof along with new synthetic materials to complement various shoeing systems.
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