Micheal L Steward

Micheal Steward, DVM, is an International Equine Veterinarian Hall Of Fame member and is based in Shawnee, Okla.



New Spin On The Steward Clog Keeps Horses Working

The Klimmick shoe has helped horses with therapeutic needs continue to work in various disciplines

The Steward clog or wooden shoe is well known for its use in laminitis treatment, but it also has proven to be a beneficial system for rehabilitation in a variety of hoof and leg conditions of equids. Farriers must address five entities to alter the 3D planar direction of hoof balance and load (to enhance hoof rehabilitation) —all of which can easily be accomplished using the roller motion Steward clog:

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Micheal Steward

Adding A Farrier Day To An Equine Veterinary Practice

A well-planned program promotes hoof-care knowledge, improves farrier-veterinarian communication and pays off for everyone
Knowledge of the biomechanics and function of the equine foot has increased in recent years. A variety of technological advances have allowed veterinarians and farriers to measure the stresses and forces placed on and within the foot.
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Vet's Corner

An Effective Adaptation

Shoeing system designed to treat laminitis proves effective in case of a horse with a malformed navicular bone

Sometimes the principles and techniques that are used to treat one hoof-care problem can be effective with others. In this case, the Steward Clog system that was developed for the treatment of laminitic horses helped return a horse with a malformed navicular bone to soundness.

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The Importance of Frog Engagement

Therapeutic shoeing protocol manages this artificially, enhancing soundness in horses with navicular problems
There are many different techniques to therapeutically shoe horses for various hoof disorders. The veterinary and farrier professions are becoming more and more sophisticated in podiatry, using the mechanics of the hoof along with new synthetic materials to complement various shoeing systems.
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