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Tool Use and Repair

Adding New Life to a Burned-Out forge

A little labor and some new parts re-spark the fire for this model
One of the most heavily used tools for many farriers is the forge. It certainly is for me. I run every shoe - new or resets - through the fire. Heat makes shaping a new shoe easier on my body and also makes cleaning up a used shoe and prepping it to reset a snap.
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7 Tips For Using Propane Forges

A few hints for using this handy farrier tool that has all but replaced coal and coke

THE COAL FORGE is slowly disappearing from horseshoeing as the propane forge has gained popularity.

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Forging Fundamentals

Start With Color, Temperature

From white heat to black, you should know what you can and can't do at certain temperatures

 Knowing what it means when the steel is lemon-colored rather than cherry can be the difference between getting a job done correctly and having to start on a shoe all over again. 

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Back to the Basics

Forge Welding Made Easy

 Editor's note: Because American Farriers Journal readers asked for it, we are starting this series of articles that deals with the basics of the horseshoeing profession.

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