Before you know it, the leaves will be changing. There are still a few more weeks before summer bids us adieu, though, which means there will be a fair number of sweaty days ahead before the chill of autumn arrives.

While working on those hot summer days is preferable to the frigid gusts that numb our fingers and toes, there are definite drawbacks — such as handling a hoof knife. Tending to horses’ feet is dangerous enough. A farrier certainly doesn’t need a slippery hoof knife handle to ratchet up the risk quotient.

Danny Anderson knows a thing or two about slippery hoof knives. After all, providing hoof care in the Collinsville, Texas, area gets a farrier quickly acquainted with the results of triple-digit temperatures. He also knows a thing or two about hoof knives as the owner and craftsman at Indian Creek Forge. So, how does he keep knife handles from slipping in his hand?

“Most summers, I have my hoof knives wrapped in Vetrap,” he says. “Otherwise, you can’t hold on to them because it’s just too wet.”

It’s as simple as wrapping your handle and giving it a good squeeze so the bandaging tape forms to your hand.

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