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Hoof Protection Options For The Long Run

Vettec representative reviews the top three appliances that dominate endurance racing
It’s been said that an endurance horse will take as many as 80,000 footfalls over the course of a 100-mile race that traverses such diverse terrain as rock, water and mud. That’s more than a fair opportunity for a faulty step to result in lameness.
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Client Interest in Non-Metal Horseshoes Fuels A Growth In Their Use

Less weight, more flexibility and easing concussion are seen as pluses for these alternatives to steel and aluminum
Contrary to popular belief, the concept of non-metal horseshoes is not a recent phenomenon. Some of the first horsemen used sandals made of rice straw or leather to protect their horse's feet. Metal shoes solved obvious durability problems these earlier versions had, but also created the issue of concussion, particularly on hard surfaces.
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Product Summary

Ten Attention-Grabbers From the Summit

Here is a sampling of products farriers ranked as the most interesting at this year's International Hoof-Care Summit Trade Show
Each year, the International Hoof-Care Summit provides an opportunity for hundreds of equine footcare professionals to attend lectures and discussions to help further their education.
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Farrier Feedback

Farriers Seeking Upgrades To Shoeing Practice

New products are piquing the interest of farriers looking to reduce bodily impact, increase shoeing speed and offer better care for their clients’ horses

THE TRADE SHOWS of 2004 allowed farriers to “hold and feel” several of the newer improvements unveiled by manufacturers.

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