Thoro'Bred Inc. Sticky Shoe Kits

  • Two-minute Thoro'Grip cure time
  • No nails are required
  • Each pair includes our Leg Saver® Pads
  • Choose our racing or competition shoes
  • Improves hoof condition and integrity

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EponaShoe is designed to be the healthiest alternative for the horse's foot.

EponaShoes are used in all situations, from therapeutic cases to performance horses (USA Olympic team). The flexible design allows the whole hoof to flex, and is therefore one step closer to barefoot than rigid shoes.

Eponashoes can be nailed on, glued on, or cast-on, giving the farrier options to choose from.

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Manage Acute and Chronic Laminitis with Vettec Adhesives

  • Glue-on-shoes with Adhere eliminating nailing concussion
  • Support the boney column with a caudal pour using Equi-Pak CS
  • Eliminate pressure over P3 in case of rotation
  • Provide comfort and support before and after x-rays are taken

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Hanton Horseshoes from Broadline Farrier Solutions

Hanton Horseshoes revolutionary glue-on shoe design utilizes a patent-pending "blister" application method which is incredibly fast, easy, and safe for the horse and farrier, eliminating many of the problems farriers experience with glue-ons.

Hanton Horseshoes' special tab design removes the need for any glue to be applied on the bottom of the horse’s foot, thereby avoiding "locking in" of the heels and allowing for the hoof to expand and contract to absorb concussion. In addition, all the glue work is done with the hoof on the ground, making it easier for the horse and farrier and taking the stress (and mess) out of gluing on shoes.

Hanton Horseshoes have proven to hold up to the high performance demands of racing and sport horses of all disciplines, and can also be used for a wide variety of therapeutic applications.

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