Vettec Adhere

Adhere effectively bonds any glue on boot, urethane or rubber shoe to the hoof.

  • Simple, reliable technique, easy removal
  • Sets in 45-60 seconds, rideable in 1 hour
  • Flexible urethane formula does not compromise hoof wall
  • Bottom of boots can be filled with Equi-Pak Soft for extra cushion

Adhere has been the most consistent, high strength urethane repair and glue on material for 17 years. The techniques for gluing synthetic shoes and boots has been tested, adapted, and retested over the years. With proper education, any professional hoof care practitioner can use these materials with good results.

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  • The frog is supported
  • Shock absorbs
  • Allows hoof to flex
  • Adjustable break over
  • Can be nailed, glued and/or casted

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Remuda Tire Co. Street Shoe

The Most Versatile Street Shoe Ever Made!

Shock-absorbing polyurethane horseshoes for horses working on the pavement.

Features a steel shoe you shape and nail on the horse. Draw side clips, turn heels, add a heart bar, etc.; do whatever the horse needs. Then bolt on our shock absorbing, molded polyurethane tires. Change or rotate when needed and reshoe the horse with the original steel only when he's due. Every commercial operator using draft horses says Remuda Tires outlast any other polyurethane tire they have tried. As a result they indicate significant savings and their farriers report greatly improved hoof conditions.

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Vettec Superfast Shoe Made With Equi-Pak

  • Vettec products can help manage acute and chronic lameness.
  • Create a Superfast shoe with Equi-Pak in the caudal region and frog support.
  • Think Vettec can help you solve a hoof problem?
  • Contact us to talk it over. Call: 800-483-8832 Email:

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EasyShoe Performance N/G

Enjoy the benefits of a barefoot protocol without having to apply and remove boots each time you ride. The new EasyShoe allows the hoof to naturally expand and contract laterally and vertically. The open sole design assures complete breathability of the sole and frog.

Manufactured with the latest in polyurethane technology, the EasyShoe dramatically reduces concussion on hard surfaces, yet offers maximum durability and longevity.

The EasyShoe has already excelled on the flat track and in the endurance, dressage and sport horse disciplines. The EasyShoe may also be used to help offset chronic symptoms of thin hoof walls, sensitive heels, quarter cracks, slow hoof growth and reverse palmar angles.

Each of the four EasyShoe models stays on the hoof for the entire trimming cycle, and may be nailed or glued to the hoof.

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Easy’s Slipper® from Advanced Equine Comfort

Better Shoe — Better Horse

Easy’s Slipper is a therapeutic glue-on horseshoe that protects and grows healthier hooves for happier horses. The innovative slipper is made from a flexible, durable urethane rubber with a built-in rocker and adjustable breakover. It can be rasped for customization. Sized mini to draft.

Therapeutic benefits include:

  • Natural hoof flexion increases blood flow and oxygenation
  • Reduces stress on bones, ligaments and joints
  • Reduces pain and lameness
  • Improves overall hoof health and growth

Discover the scientifically-proven benefits of Easy’s Slipper.

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Ollov Original Rubber Horseshoe

A combination of stability and comfort. Ollov Original is a compounded horseshoe, made of a steel core covered with rubber. The steel provides stability to the hoof and makes the shoe easy to shape and nail. The rubber absorbs shock and vibration. This combination makes Ollov an outstanding horseshoe. Ollov provides a similar grip as the unshod hoof, and therefore promotes the natural gait of your horse. Ollov is a well established product, easy to work with and last a normal shoe period.

  • Shock absorbing
  • Natural friction
  • Medium weight
  • Low vibration
  • Low risk for injury
  • Steel core give stability to the hoof and makes the shoe easy to shape and nail.
  • Durable and last a normal shoe period.

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No Anvil Polyflex® Horseshoes

A polyurethane direct glue on, designed to enhance the natural shock absorbing mechanism of the hoof.

The Clear Benefits:

  • Allows natural heel expansion under full load
  • Mimics hoof composition and wear characteristics
  • Vibration and concussion reduction
  • Internal structure allows for custom shaping
  • Nine designs of Polyflex®

Over 10 years of established success, recognized on racing and jumping’s biggest stages. Trusted by leading equine clinics and breeding farms.

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