HOOF-it Hoof Glue

Hoof Glue™ is a polyurethane-based, quick-setting adhesive. It employs a rapid set time of only 30-60 seconds and can be used for repairs, reconstructions, and gluing on of horseshoes. Hoof Glue™ has a fast set time with excellent adhesion, which, when combined with the right amount of flexibility, makes it perfect for repairing large cracks or creating extensions.

While Hoof Glue™ has a fast set time and a strong, durable hold, it maintains flexibility for natural hoof expansion. Ideal for Hoof Repair: Hoof Glue™ quick set time makes this glue ideal for all types of hoof and wall repairs. Ideal for Gluing Horseshoes: Hoof Glue™ will adhere to HOOF-it® Natural Flex Shoes, as well as traditional steel and aluminum shoes. Easy Application: Hoof Glue™ is applied simply by hand or with mixing tips. Mixing tips are included with each purchase of a Hoof Glue™ cartridge. Hoof Glue™ is available in 50ml, 160ml, and 200ml cartridges.

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Adhere by Vettec

“I’ve used Vettec’s Adhere product for gluing on shoes for years with great success. I do a variety of performance horses that put a lot of stress on those shoes and they always make the shoeing cycle. One thing I do to ensure long term wear is adding material on the outer wall from the quarters to the heel to help with wall movement. This helps keep the wall steady and makes the job last.” — Bobby Menker (Findlay, Ohio)

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EponaShoe, Inc. develops and markets the EponaShoe, a polyurethane horseshoe. EponaShoe is designed to be the healthiest alternative for the horses foot. EponaShoes are used in all situations, from therapeutic cases to performance horses (USA Olympic team). The flexible design allows the whole hoof to flex, and is therefore one step closer to barefoot than rigid shoes. Eponashoes can be nailed on, glued on, or cast-on, giving the farrier options to choose from.

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NANRIC Glue-On Shoes

Therapeutic Foal Shoes for Toed In, Toed Out, Club Feet and Weak Flexors

  • Easy to apply (adjustable)
  • Dramatic results when used early
  • Relieves stress on young bones
  • Minimizes hoof and joint distortion
  • Available with Glue-On Application Kits or Shoes Only

Ultimates for Acute Laminitis

  • Providing this device as an emergency aid can greatly reduce or prevent displacement (rotation and/or sinking) of the coffin bone
  • Efficient mechanical breakover
  • One piece cuff and base wedge designed to offer problem-free wean down process
  • Glue on with Vettec Super Fast or Equilox

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SoundHorse Technologies Horseshoes

15 years of providing the only horseshoe that combines a forged aluminum shoe and a urethane shock-absorbing rim pad with the strongest, safest attachment system. The Series I product line now offers Performance Blue OR Therapeutic Black rim pads in a wider range of sizes and shapes. SoundHorse has shoes for the smallest foal through the largest draft horse. Unaffected by wet, dry, hot or cold environments, these shoes are as durable as our unconditional guarantee. Ask us about our new FLEXX® direct-glue urethane shoes for therapeutic and performance applications.

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The Outlaw Shoe from The Blacksmith Shop

The Outlaw shoe takes the standard heart bar shoe to the next level of support and pain management of the hoof. The Outlaw shoe uses all available techniques to combat the effects of acute laminitis and founder. It spreads the pressure evenly across the entire two third dorsal section of the foot when standing reducing any pressure point abscesses. The Outlaw shoe uses a 5 degree heel wedge to temporary relieve the pulling on the superficial flexor tendon (SFT) and the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) in the acute stage. Also the Outlaw shoe provides heart bar support for the frog and plantar cushion.

The open toe design allows increase blood flow and relieves pressure on the laminitic interface (stratum medium), stopping or slowing the possibility of rotation. The ability to be taped or glued reduces the concussion force exerted on to the hoof. The Outlaw shoe has an open sole allowing for drainage and treatment of solar abscesses with out removal of the shoe. This kit includes everything you need to help your acute laminitic horse.

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Thoro'Bred Sticky Shoe Kit

The first and fastest 2 minute glue on system in the world. Now being used by several master farriers shoeing for top thoroughbred trainers in the USA. Used for tender footed thin soled racehorses or just to maintain good sound hoof wall by driving fewer nails. Proven to help reduce or stop soreness or heat in the legs and hooves after racing or training. Available in most of our front racing plate styles and many of our competition shoes. Very economical and easy to use. Each kit contains: 1 pair of Thoro’Bred sticky bonded shoes, 1 bottle of Thoro’Grip, 2 pairs of latex gloves and instructions.

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