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Branding Your Farrier Practice for Success Down the Road

Branding may be one of those marketing buzzwords, but applying its basic concepts to a farrier practice can pay off
A livestock brand is a mark unique to the owner, allowing the animal to be instantly recognizable as property. A business brand serves a similar purpose - it lets potential customers quickly assess who and what you're all about and whether your services or products are a good fit for their needs.
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The Hoof-Care Bottom Line

More on the Stages of Farrier Development

Professional growth can be pursued and enhanced through a systematic completion of accomplishments
Movement from career stage to career stage is the essence of career development. We move to a new career stage by meeting certain needs that are characteristic of our current career stage. We then select opportunities that best help us meet those needs.
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Farrier Business Still Looking Good

Data gleaned from the latest American Farriers Journal survey indicates the hoof-care business is holding its own and doing better than other areas of the equine industry
Just as is true with the real estate market, location plays a key role in the average annual gross income earned by farriers.
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So You're Thinking About Switching Rigs

When looking at making changes in a shoeing rig, Brent Chidsey says there are a half-dozen critical considerations. The owner of Stone Well Bodies & Equipment in Genoa, N.Y., says the process starts with determining how much of each product you need to carry in your rig and then finding a design that can provide the most efficient inventory control.
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Kyle Ballard

Using The Fishtail Shoe

Nebraska farrier finds it a good alternative for treating a lacerated tendon

The longer I shoe, the more value I place on the establishment of professional working relationships with veterinarians.

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