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Letters: April 2017

The Future Of Hoof Care, As In The Past, Is Sole Protection Contrary to popular legend, horseshoes were not invented to protect hooves against wear.
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Farrier Q&A: May/June 2016

What are your criteria for selecting a pad to put on a horse? What type of pad and why?
A: The first question I ask is “Why?” Why affix a pad to the horse’s hoof? Is it necessary? What is my objective? Is it beneficial to the horse during the shoeing cycle? Will it aid in protection and relief? Is it needed for environmental reasons, such as rocky terrain? Or is there a therapeutic need for it — sole protection, pathology, ligament/tendon issues?
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Hoof Pads 101

Not sure when to use pads in your practice? Here’s an introduction to what’s available and basic information for using each style
It seems that every few months a new pad is introduced to the equine market. For inexperienced farriers, the overwhelming options can create confusion, which discourages pad usage in a practice. Understanding what's available in pads and how they are used will help determine the appropriate pad for the intended use.
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Putting Power into Your Work

A Hall Of Fame farrier pulls from his experiences to offer advice on using power tools in shoeing
One of the things I like best about being a farrier is the independence I have in making decisions about how I do my work.
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Booting Up Footcare Options

Farriers are finding boots offer many benefits other than just with barefoot horses
Selecting the proper boot and getting the right fit for a given situation is usually the difference between success and failure. Boots can be dangerous and unreliable when fit by untrained owners or trainers.
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In Defense Of Shoes

The six winners of the Mustad’s scholarship essay contest describe why horses should be shod

Shoeing allows farriers to provide five benefits to horses: protection, traction, correction, therapeutic and performance. Most horses today are used for performance and pleasure. The duties that owners ask of their horses are tough and can be physically hard on the animals. With special shoes, horses are able to perform amazing moves with less stress to the hoof and all structures supported by it.

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Pads and Endurance Horses

Q: I have been a farrier for 7 years. I have started doing endurance riding. My horse has very sensitive front feet. One of them is slightly upright. I usually put plastic pads on him for endurance rides because the footing is often very rocky and we ride pretty fast and hard.

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