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Manufactured Horseshoes

More Choices for Your Needs

Today's farrier never has had a greater horseshoe selection
The reasons for shoeing remain the same, but the choice of materials, types and styles available on the market is greater than ever.
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Increased Knowledge of the Equine Anatomy Can Help Farriers Improve Hoof Care

The choices farriers make in trimming and shoeing should take into account bones, tendons and other internal structures of the limbs
The choices farriers make when trimming and shoeing to achieve a certain result are going to have an impact on the entire equine limb and, at times, may result in unintended consequences. Understanding the anatomy of the equine limb beyond the hoof can help reduce the chances of a farrier’s action having an adverse reaction elsewhere. It can also improve the quality of communication among equine colleagues.
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News & Notes

Doug Figgs’ Two-Pronged Career Suits Him Just Fine

He'd introduce himself as a horseshoer, but his musical achievements are just as impressive
Doug Figgs has to stretch in the morning. It helps loosen him up for a full day of shoeing horses. Or maybe for a day tending to his cattle. Possibly for a day of traveling capped off with an evening performance. Regardless, there's a big day ahead.
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The Art of Horse Shoeing

The Art Of Horse-Shoeing: A Manual For Farriers


Selected as one of the dozen best horseshoeing books ever published, this reprint of an exciting 1895 book written by a leading British veterinarian lays down correct principles and points out hundreds of highly technical details still essential to good shoeing. Some 100 years later, farriers still rely on ideas from this highly valuable book in their daily shoeing work. Must reading for anyone involved with hoof care!




Summer Clinic With Chuck Milne

Mississippi Ag & Farrier Supply
405 SE Clark St.
Flora, MS
United States
Contact: Stanley Pritchit
The Southern Farriers Assn. is hosting a summer clinic. Read More


Montana Farrier Supply Clinic

110 North N St.
Livingston , MT
United States
Michael Wildenstein will be the clinician at the Montana Farrier Supply Clinic. Read More


Central Coast Hoof Care Summit

Santa Ynez, CA
United States
Contact: Robert Barns
Robert Barns is hosting a July clinic in California. Read More


Meeker's Clinic

8/11/18 9:00 am EST
Davie Large Animal Hospital
928 Farmington Rd.
Mocksville, NC
United States
The North Carolina Horseshoers Assn. is hosting a clinic at the Davie Large Animal Hospital. Read More


Tennessee Farrier Supply Annual Open House & Clinic

Cumberland Furnace, TN
United States
Contact: Steve Edwards
Tennessee Farrier Supply is hosting its annual Open House & Clinic in Cumberland Furnace. Read More


Farrier Clinic With Dr. Dave of Anoka

1/15/20 5:00 pm CST
Anoka Equine Veterinary Services
16445 70th St NE
Elk River, MN
United States
Dr. Dave will be presenting on radiographs and issues that raise concern when he's first seeing a horse. Read More

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