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Licensing Under Fire With Many Trades

When it comes to licensing concerns on both the state and federal level, it appears that farriers aren’t the only trade where there’s a need for regulations or not. These concerns were spelled out in a recent Wall Street Journal article dealing with trade licensing issues.
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Legal Notes For Shoers

Resolve That Shoeing Dispute With A Demand Letter

Take easy steps to try and collect Take easy steps to try and collect overdue shoeing invoices before overdue shoeing invoices before you decide to head for court
“I’ll see you in court!” These words sometimes follow a dispute. People often assume that all legal battles require a lawyer and must be resolved through a costly lawsuit.
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Think You’re Safe From Being Sued? Think Again!

Not only do you have to protect yourself from being sued, but you may be held responsible for your apprentices or students even when you’re not supervising them
A day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about somebody being sued. Turn on the radio and you’ll hear about a big tobacco company settling a billion-dollar lawsuit out of court. Flip on the TV at night and you’ll likely have to choose between a sitcom or a lawyer-based drama involving big-dollar court proceedings.
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