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What Causes Club Feet?

Hall Of Fame farrier Doug Butler examines why flexure limb deformities develop and how to prevent and manage them
The characteristics of a flexure limb deformity, commonly referred to as club foot, are easy to identify. Growth rings are wider at the heel, the toe is usually dished, the hoof is high on the heel and the coffin joint axis is broken forward. Radiographs often reveal that the coffin bone is deformed or remodeled. But what causes it?
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Mustad, Delta Join Forces

The Mustad Hoofcare and Delta Horseshoe families are joining forces to create an integrated team dedicated to the hoof-care industry and to the welfare of the horse.

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Mitch Taylor

Deep Digital Flexor Tendon is Part of a Complex System

So DDFT injuries often involve or influence other lower-limb structures
One of the most important things for a farrier to remember when he’s presented with a deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) problem is that there’s almost certainly something more than just that tendon involved.
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Andrew Elsbree

Dealing With the Web-Wise Horse Owner

Today’s farriers need to realize second opinions are just a mouse-click away

Some farriers wear the fact that they aren’t computer savvy like a badge of honor.

But like it or not, shoers in this day and age are going to be dealing with the Internet and the World Wide Web — even if they never put their fingers on a keyboard or place their palm over a computer mouse.

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Dealing with a 'Stump Foot'

Club foot is a human condition that is not comparable to the condition in a horse, maintains this veteran hoof researcher

There’s an abundance, if yet not very helpful, literature on the Web and elsewhere on so-called “club foot” in horses.

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Extraordinary Vets Honored For Hoof-Care Work

The International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame proudly inducts two new members
Their names are synonymous with equine hoof care and now their efforts are being recognized by their peers. The International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame, sponsored by American Farriers Journal, has inducted two more members into its exclusive club.
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Book Notes

New edition offers Lessons on lameness
Dealing with lame horses is a prime function of the farrier's trade, so is the revised and expanded edition of The Lame Horse should by of interest to the farrier community.
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