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Martin Kenny
One Farrier's Viewpoint

Hoof Capsule Distortion As A Process Rather Than An Event

Veteran farrier looks at hooves from a different viewpoint
For too long, the horse industry and specifically farriers and equine veterinarians have looked at hoof capsule distortion (HCD) as an event that can simply be altered with a rasp, wedge pads, clips, bar shoes, etc.
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horse leg anatomy

Advising Horse Owners on How to Head Off Navicular Disease

Veterinarian Dallas O. Goble believes understanding the basics of navicular disease will allow you to better serve your clients
“For something so small, equivalent in size to our little finger, the navicular bone can render a 1,000 pound, finely-tuned equine athlete into a pasture pet — permanently,” explains Dallas O.
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Having loyal clients is a key to running any successful footcare business, but sometimes you have to work closely with them, maintains Karen Trebitz. Operating in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania, the East Stroudsburg, Pa., farrier says her area of the Poconos has been known over the years for its vacation resorts.

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Blake Brown
Local Association Spotlight

Farrier-Veterinarian Forum Bridges Communication Gap

The chance to talk directly to one another pay off in understanding

In 2002, a veterinarian friend stopped in the shop where I was working as the resident farrier for a large equine medical center. She had a simple question: “How do I get farriers to take the time to communicate?”

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William Moyer

Farriers Can Help Expand Vet Student Education

Here’s your chance to help veterinary medicine institutions do a much better job of communicating trimming and shoeing skills to students, staff and clients

Educating “tomorrow’s equine practitioner” continues to be a major challenge as the information explosion and the public’s demand for medical excellence continue to grow and expand. When it comes to educating veterinary students, the ability to provide essential training, expertise and experience in all disciplines, as well as with a myriad of species, means some aspects of veterinary medical education may only be lightly covered.

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International Hoof-Care Summit

59 Hours of Non-Stop Learning!

Be part of next winter’s International Hoof-Care Summit ... where the pros go for hoof-care knowledge
With 59 hours of in-depth presentations and discussions highlighted in eight general sessions, 12 Hoof-Care Classrooms and 24 Hoof-Care Roundtables, International Hoof-Care Summit attendees have told us not to be making major revisions in what they feel is an extraordinary combination of in-depth educational opportunities.
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Lucky IHCS Attendee Won an Educational Bonus

For Marvin Howard, a 20-year shoeing veteran from Pataskala, Ohio, “It was a chance in a lifetime.”
Howard was referring to the week he spent in Lexington with equine veterinarian Scott Morrison and his associate, Manfred Ecker, a master farrier. Howard won the prize at the 2007 International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Relieving Pressure From a Dropped Sole

Canadian farrier finds this shoe helps provide relief for horses lamed by a common chronic laminitis condition

There are a number of horses I have cared for that have the same apparent foot condition. These are horses with chronic laminitis that have a dropped sole where the hoof wall — as it grows out — does not grow straight down, but flares out at the ground level or higher up the hoof wall.

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