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Avoid These 3 Common Insurance Mistakes

Plus, find out when, what and how to insure your farrier practice
Are you adequately protecting you and your hoof-care practice? Chances are you’re not. According to the 2019 Farrier Bus­iness Practices Report, conducted by American Farriers Journal, the vast majority of full-time farriers (95%) have some type of medical insurance.
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The Time For Your Money Is Now

Make your hard-earned money work for you by taking part in low risk investments
The time value of money is a simple concept that is easily understood, yet not enough farriers think about and apply it to their practices. The financial website Investopedia states that the time value of money is the theory that money available today is worth more in the future than that same amount you have in your pocket at this moment.
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Free At Last!

Turning a low-cost horse trailer into a shoeing rig lets this farrier use his truck for many other purposes
Several years ago, Dave Ferguson decided he no longer wanted to dedicate an expensive pickup truck 100% to shoeing work. As a result, the Cambridge, Md., shoer switched to a shoeing trailer that he could unhook when he wanted to use the truck for other purposes.
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Farrier Tips

Quick Tip: $4 Per Horse; An Easy Method Of Saving For Retirement

Many farriers have often told me they plan to save little to nothing for retirement. The sad thing is that while we all wish we could shoe forever, one day we will all have to hang up our aprons for good. When retirement comes, don't be left scraping by on a meager social security check. Besides, in a decade or two the money pot may all be gone anyway!
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The Backyard Horse

When it’s Time to End a Business Relationship with Backyard Clients

The reasons may differ, but to have a long, prosperous career with backyard clients, it means you likely will have to fire some of them
Backyard horses are a part of most farrier practices. Sometimes there is a need to part ways with these clients, either through unacceptable conditions or a desire to improve the bottom line. It doesn't matter what level or discipline of horses you work with, sooner or later you are going to part ways with some clients.
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