Drew Morales

Drew Morales is a certified journeyman farrier from Colonial Heights, Va.



Hygiene Considerations For The Farrier

In the already dangerous profession of farriery, pests and bacteria present additional threats to your well-being

One of the many attractive qualities of being a farrier is working outside with animals on a daily basis. While this is an enviable part of our profession, being outdoors with animals does expose us to potential job-related health risks. Farriers are subjected to a high volume of insects, bacteria and problems associated with each. The day-to-day interaction with horses can be a breeding ground for health-related issues if proper hygiene is not adhered to.

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Moving Your Farrier Practice

Months-long planning increases likelihood of success and lowers stress when you need to move your farrier practice
Unlike many other jobs, moving a farrier practice to a new area is not a cut-and-dry process. In the corporate white-collar world, moving to a new location may not be an easy choice, but the process is easily coordinated. Whether these workers take a new job or are transferred, many companies will cover moving expenses. Perhaps more importantly, the new job and its salary are awaiting the worker in the new town.
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Log Your Way To Greater Savings

While you may already deduct your vehicle expenses and mileage, are you doing so correctly?
Owning your business has a lot of benefits. Along with these benefits come several costs incurred as a part of daily operations. One of the largest and most necessary is the daily upkeep and maintenance of our vehicle. Fortunately, we can offset these costs by deducting daily driving and fuel costs from our taxes.
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Experiences Help Veterans Rise To The Top

Military attributes provide a framework for success in farriery

About half of 1%. According to the Department of Defense, that’s approximately the number of Americans who served in the military over the previous decade. However, anecdotally, it appears to me that the percentage is much higher among farriers.

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Farrier Tips

A Tighter Grip: Proper Storage Can Increase The Life Of Your Tongs

Like any tool, tongs take a fair share of abuse from repeated daily use. From red-hot forge to quench bucket, your tongs are asked to withstand a lot of stress. One simple way to decrease the stress on your tongs is how you store them while at the anvil. Read more from farrier Drew Morales on this simple, efficient method for storing your tongs at the anvil.
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Leverage Your Options Before Selecting A Loop Knife

This quick introduction to loop knives will prepare you for introducing it to your everyday practice
The popularity of loop knives in the United States has increased in recent years. Versatile and durable, the loop knife is a go-to tool for many farriers today. I'm one of the many practitioners who has switched.
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Farrier Tips

Quick Tip: $4 Per Horse; An Easy Method Of Saving For Retirement

Many farriers have often told me they plan to save little to nothing for retirement. The sad thing is that while we all wish we could shoe forever, one day we will all have to hang up our aprons for good. When retirement comes, don't be left scraping by on a meager social security check. Besides, in a decade or two the money pot may all be gone anyway!
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