Your clients have a lot on their plates. It's not uncommon for them to be juggling their careers, kids, sports, band, etc. Forgetting about an appointment is an easy thing to do in today's fast-paced world. Often, that means you're forgotten. Why not make it more difficult for them to forget.

Bow, Wash., farrier Shane Westman shared a tip on his Facebook discussion group, Farrier Business Page: Everything But The Hoof, to help keep your client from forgetting your hoof-care appointment.

"One of the best investments I have made is in reminder sticker cards," he says. "They are business card-size stickers with a colored dot that we write the next appointment on. The client can put it on their calendar, in their wallet, on the fridge, etc. My clients love them."

It has paid off for Westman, too. A client told him that she would have missed an appointment with him had the sticker not caught her eye.

"She was on the way out the door to go grocery shopping," he says, "but noticed my sticker for that day's appointment."

Shane Westman has experimented over the years with business card-size stickers to help remind clients about appointments. The Bow, Wash., farrier says they all have "paid for themselves time and time again."

Westman has experimented with several business card stickers in the past including, and

"I found a couple of basic designs that allowed me to also put my phone number on the sticker itself," he says. "The current design is a bit less professional than I like, but the clients like teasing me about the rainbow design. They wanted a colorful sticker to stand out on the calendar. All of the stickers have paid for themselves time and time again."