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Farriers’ Roundtable

In our practice, we work with a number of veterinarians and service several “rescue” facilities. The entire team — owner, veterinarian and farrier — must carefully evaluate each case. 

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A Farrier's Viewpoint

What's The Point Of The "Four Point?"

In an in-depth analysis, this farrier maintains the four-point trim should neither be a common practice nor a crutch to lean on when other trimming and shoeing methods fail

 As you might guess, the four-point trim is a method of trimming horses with both advocates and adversaries.

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Heard 'Round The Anvil

Check out these 30 shoeing tips and tricks picked up from farriers and equine veterinarians at clinics and conferences

 1. To forge a bar in an aluminum bar shoe, start with a keg shoe that’s two sizes larger than what you need. 

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Shoeing For A Living

If It's Monday, This Must Be Indiana

Hoosier-state farrier also shoes horses in Ohio and Michigan
It's a gorgeous autumn morning in October as Tim Tritch and I climb aboard his shoeing rig in Angola, Ind., in the extreme northeastern corner of the Hoosier state.
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Nuggets Of Shoeing Knowledge

Farriers gather in California Gold Country and strike a mother lode of quarter crack information
They might have been in “Gold Country,” but members of the Western State Farrier’s Association were more interested in mining nuggets of horseshoeing knowledge during the annual Northern California Classic in Placerville, Calif.
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Tackling Navicular

As word spreads about new ways to treat navicular disease, farriers and veterinarians around the world are making changes in treatment programs
When it comes to the best options for dealing with navicular disease, Bernard Duvernay obtained some interesting ideas by surveying farriers and veterinarians around the world.
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When you have a client that has fallen far behind on a bill for shoeing work, consider mailing them a letter stating that you intend to file Form 1099C with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reporting the overdue amount as income to your client.
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When a major manufacturer recently decided to stop selling acrylic materials to a number of hoof adhesive makers, rumors quickly spread among farriers that this might lead to total elimination of these hoof-care products.
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