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Increased Knowledge of the Equine Anatomy Can Help Farriers Improve Hoof Care

The choices farriers make in trimming and shoeing should take into account bones, tendons and other internal structures of the limbs
The choices farriers make when trimming and shoeing to achieve a certain result are going to have an impact on the entire equine limb and, at times, may result in unintended consequences. Understanding the anatomy of the equine limb beyond the hoof can help reduce the chances of a farrier’s action having an adverse reaction elsewhere. It can also improve the quality of communication among equine colleagues.
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Farriers Hold Fast To Their Trade

Some overseas farriers are facing threats to the centuries' old craft.
In some parts of the world, farriers are facing the threat of extinction. Either the unemployment rates are at an all-time high, like in Pakistan, or the youth have no interest in carrying on the trade, like in Algeria. And the horseshoers in these countries aren’t ready to let their trade die out, as reported by The Express Tribune and France 24.
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Hoof Beats: Point Of View

Foal conformation can change depending on one’s perspective
Extreme weather like we have been seeing this summer can affect the horse's hooves mightily. Obviously, the most affected horses are those who are out in it more.
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[Podcast] An Interview With Mitch Taylor

In this episode of the <em>American Farriers Journal</em> podcast, brought to you by the International Hoof-Care Summit, we welcome the owner and operator of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School, Mitch Taylor.
In this episode of the American Farriers Journal podcast, brought to you by the International Hoof-Care Summit, we welcome the owner and operator of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School, Mitch Taylor.
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Shoeing for a Living

Building His Own Style In Southern California

California farrier Tim Shannon says the knowledge he has gained from others has helped develop his footcare philosophy

There are obvious advantages for farriers who grew up around horses and entered the trade at a young age. They should be further ahead in several aspects of farriery than their counterparts who entered the profession later in life. The earlier someone can build their knowledge of equine anatomy and skills trimming and shoeing feet, the greater the likelihood of success as a farrier.

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Rehabilitating Equine Tendon Injuries

Equine veterinarian Roland Thaler delivers an overview of the process for diagnosing and overcoming this issue
The tendons of the lower leg are one of the most crucial parts of the equine anatomy. Responsible for the elastic recall crucial for locomotion, healthy tendons are mandatory for a sound horse.
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