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A Room to Roam

Farrier Rich Cleland was aiming for a portable workshop when he put the pieces together for his perfect rig
Words such as "sharp", "sporty" and even "pretty" accurately describe Rich Cleland's shoeing rig, but they don't do justice to how functional and comfortable it is.
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Help For That Last Furlong

Standardbred shoer says small improvements can pay off big at the track
Steve Stanley, who shoes Standardbred racehorses at the Red Mile in Lexington, Ky., likes to say that "little changes go a long way" at the racetrack.
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Holly Kuchera

Gaining Advantage

Farriers get an edge from knowing how quarter cracks form—beware hoof wall stress and poor conformation

Talking about quarter cracks, equine veterinarian and farrier Stephen O’Grady says, “There are a lot of different causes. Some we don’t fully understand.

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Calgary Mail-in Exercise Has A Practical Pay-Off

Entrants say shoes and skills learned in event help their day-to-day shoeing

The Calgary Mail-In Exercise, now going into its sixth year, continues to grow as an educational forging event, attracting new entrants from around the globe who are eager to improve their own forging skills as well as to share in the valuable farrier tools and supplies provided by the farrier industry companies that support this effort.

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Ambrose Gordon

Modifying Keg Shoes: Special Cases Call for Special Measures

San Antonio area farrier makes the case for thinking outside the box and why you should keep your iron-working skills fine tuned

Ambrose Gordon, a farrier from Kerrville, Texas, located just outside of San Antonio, regularly does therapeutic shoeing work with veterinarian and boarded equine surgeon David Dutton from Hill Country Equine Clinic in Borney, Tex.

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Danny Ward

Tools That Aren't Found In A Shoeing Box

Hall Of Fame farrier uses his eyes, mind and imagination

When Danny Ward discusses horseshoeing, it soon becomes obvious that his keen sense of observation and active imagination are more important to his success than any of the tools in his shoeing box or stowed behind the doors of his shoeing rig.

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Return of the King

The 2004 Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise was a challenging and rewarding event for all who participated, but the man who won the first-ever competition came back to show us how itʼs done
The 2004 Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise was a challenging and rewarding event for all who participated, but the man who won the first-ever competition came back to show us how it’s done
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Bar Shoe Tips

Bar shoes can provide needed relief and promote healing, but choosing the right one from the wide selection can be confusing

Jim Ferrie ranks among the world’s best possible sources for advice about bar shoes. He’s earned his way into the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame during his more than 30 years as a farrier, and he specializes in therapeutic shoeing while working in Newmilns, Ayrshire, Scotland.

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Here are 104 Of The Best Of The Best Shoeing Ideas

At the International Hoof-Care Summit, veteran shoers shared the best shoeing tips, tricks and techniques they’ve used during their shoeing careers

IN TWO POWERFUL idea-a-minute presentations at the recent International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, seven veteran shoers shared more than eight dozen money-making ideas.

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